Archery gameplay overhaul first person bug

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Last Update: Jun 10, Use S. Interface Mods - Patches See an issue? Hearthfire Mods List. List of known conflicts and fixes for Hearthfire. Menu opens faster for players with lots of hair mods. Renames items for easier sorting. Improves values and properties to achieve higher consistency in progression. Clothing and Clutter Fixes Fixes inconsistencies in clothing, jewelry, and other items - fixes weights, pricing, allows circlets to be worn with hoods, makes jewelery visible when worn and more.

Compatible with Immersive Weapons and any texture mods. Skyrim Shadow Striping Fix Adjusts interior light sources that cause the shadow striping effect. Does not conflict with lighting mods. Without giving anything away, this basically gives you a very important choice where before you had none.

You want this mod. No longer supported. Fixes the facial structure of all elves in game - makes them look more like elves instead of goblins. Optional files: 1 Change 1st person view to match. Compatible with any body replacer mod, male or female. Fast travel timescale fix Fast traveling to a nearby location takes the equivalent time of walking instead of hours New Thinner Torch Character holds torch more realistically changes mesh.Privacy Terms.

Quick links. Thievery Overhaul Talk about the mods or features you'd like to see in Daggerfall Unity.

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Give mod creators some ideas! Thievery Overhaul Daggerfall's thief-related mechanics are not great. I don't find them particularly fun or rewarding, and reaching higher levels with them seems pointless. So I've been thinking of some things that could be implemented to change this.

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Note that this is designed to be relatively minimalistic - i. There are three problems here: First, being able to only try once is frustrating and illogical. Second is the role player level plays in influencing your chances to pick a lock. Third is the way locks scale with you to the point that sooner or later everything will be an unpickable magic lock. My proposed solution here is to 1 allow multiple but finite tries with each attempt having a successively higher chance of alerting the guards if in town ; 2 eliminate player level from the equation altogether as it's bizarre and illogical, and 3 eliminate unpickable locks from the scaling i.

Honestly even just largely removing the scaling in general might not be a bad idea - having locks get harder to pick as you get better at picking them just makes it feel like you're not progressing and seems like a pointless mechanic that punishes the player.

It's particularly bad in Daggerfall due to the game's procedurally generated nature. It'd be one thing if I knew that scaled lock had scaled treasure behind it, but the fact that locks are apt to just have an empty closet behind them makes it extra insulting. Pickpocket is checked in two instances - when picking someone's pocket, and when trying to steal an item from the store shelf.

The first one is impressively useless - you risk having the entire city watch descend on you for a single-digit amount of gold coins, and the second is mostly pointless because you're far better off just breaking into the shop at night and getting the items risk-free.

For the first one my idea is to have a chance influenced by luck, maybe? Because your eligible targets for pickpocketing are generally peasants this might not seem to make sense conceptually, but setting-wise Tamriel is a very high-magic world, so it seems very plausible to me that some peasants might be walking around with an enchanted heirloom passed down for generations or a potion of cure disease they're fetching for their master's cow.

archery gameplay overhaul first person bug

Also Daggerfall is a world where peasants can apparently all afford to drop hundreds of thousands of coins on their houses although maybe that's why they're all poor For the second issue, I think it would make sense to revamp the way stealing from stores works. First, successfully stealing from store shelves should increase your Pickpocket skill I don't actually know if this is something Unity already fixed or not.

The idea here would be that breaking in would only get you access to the portion of the shop's inventory that's left out overnight - in other words, the store may have some things that can only be stolen during the day, both giving more uses to the Pickpocket skill and making sure that any idiot with a knife and a fast running speed can't just kick down the door and abscond with the entire shop inventory.

On top of this, accessing shelves after the store's been closed should incur the same check as looking through private property. It might be possible to flesh this out even further if instead of deactivating most shelves at night, it was possible to move them to another room upstairs in the shop behind a high level door lock, allowing for players to kind of do different styles a Pickpocket-focused thief who relies on snatching things in broad daylight vs a catburglar who uses their high lockpicking skills to get into the shop's "vault" at night.

It'd also be cool to just have more options for using your skills. I think there are two solutions here: The first one and the easier one would be to give palaces more "private property" to go through with higher value loot inside - but also more in terms of security. The second one would be to create a new dungeon type, a lord's manor, that could be plundered. These dungeon types would be different from traditional dungeons - they'd have large amounts of human enemies that ideally have a level bonus relative to the playerbut, like the guards in the MQ palaces, they would start pacified and only turn hostile if the player is caught going somewhere or doing something they shouldn't be.

These dungeons would feature both ample treasure and ample risk of getting swatted like a fly, and ideally would be a place where you couldn't just run through aggroing and killing everything unless you're playing a heavily power-gamed character. Combining a couple of elements from things I've seen in the Quest Pack, you could even have certain actions or events set off an alarm, which would spawn in waves of enemies Death's Embrace-style.

Minor Tweaks There's a few things that would just be nice to change, like being able to rest around enemies in range who haven't detected you due to a successful stealth roll, or a Backstab Failed message so that the player isn't left wondering if the reason they didn't backstab was because of a failed roll or because they weren't attacking from the right angle. Lets face it, Daggerfall is entirely surrounding dungeoneering. And we find the following: 1. Straight fighters do pretty good despite magical enemies and magical problems.

Magic is helpful but unnecessary except in the case of curatives. Magic items make up for most deficits. Straight thieves do have advantages that fighters don't - stealth and lockpicking and ways to make extra money, and typically better stats for hit and run gameplay.Forgot your password? By Groovtama. General: SKSE 1. Automatic: Install the mod with a mod manager that is capable of installing fomods such as Mod Organizer or Nexus Mod Manager. The installer will guide you through the installation and will provide you with information.

Manual: Minimum required content have their folders tagged with Recommenedif you install manually you consent that you are capable to figure out what options are needed to be set in the requirements for the mod.

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archery gameplay overhaul first person bug

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09.30.18 Modlist by 123keelos

Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Whenever i aim a bow in first person, the bow model aims to the left and when i fire an arrow, the arrow goes left of my crosshair by quite a bit it happened after i installed Scoped Bows from nexus mods, i have since un-installed, tried uninstalling and reinstalling, tried new save files, and many other bug fixing procedures, but none have worked, would greatly appreciate any help you guys can give me, thanks.

Showing 1 - 15 of 21 comments. Stoob View Profile View Posts. Ilja will be back on at some point with the solution. But like I say, it crops up from time to time and someone will have a solution. Avrie View Profile View Posts. I'll save the elder counsel a little time. Please post your load order from LOOT below. If you really want to save some time.

Last edited by Avrie ; 12 Oct, pm. Originally posted by avrie05 :. Originally posted by Stoob :. Ilja View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by PMD :. Originally posted by Ilja :. The question there was pointed toward the fact that Skrim bakes script data to save files. Removing mods from ongoing game could have caused this problem.

Did you sort the load order? There was also a load order template there, to show how your official DLC files should be positioned. You might also need to consider upgrading away from the steam workshop.

We call it the "don't work shop" around here. If the build is simple enough there's nothing wrong with it, but you would be not only better off with a mod manager, it would also make identifying problems much easier for you.

Daggerfall Workshop Forums

Not throwing salt on the wound NMM on the Nexus is OK, but Tannin's Mod Organizer is better just takes a little more work to learn it, and get it set up Links and explinations are all in Ilja's pinned thread "Players Spreadsheet" if you haven't read it already. I had the goodest english in my hole third grade class Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 12 Oct, pm. Posts: The mod adds many minute details that have a huge impact on the gameplay. Many of these changes can be configured at MCM.

Skyrim: Extreme Archery

Some of the major changes include. Arrows can be enchanted using spells or rare rings. The damage depends on player's Enchanting skill, and can be set up in the MCM. The enchantment will display FX on your quiver when your bow is sheathed, and FX on the arrow when your bow is out.

The 'Enchant Arrow' spell tomes can be found at any destruction spell vendor E. FarengarFaraldaetc. The rings can also be used by followers. All arrows now inflict bleeding, a damage over time that lasts for 30 seconds.

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Bleeding damage scales with the target's level. Arrows and projectile spells will remain stuck into the target indefinitely, and can be removed from PC and NPCs using a new ability called 'Remove Projectiles'. With this ability, all the arrows that are stuck in the body will be added to the inventory. A hotkey can be assigned in MCM to quick-cast this abilty, removing the trouble of going through the menus.

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Posted 18 April - PM. This mod didn't have any forum page so I thought I'd make one to ask a question about it. I know this mod is endorsed by some people here, and TechAngel have mentioned it and endorsed it.

My question is that whatever I try, the drawn arrow is stuck with its tip in my hand when I sneak or jump. This bug is reported several times on its nexus page. Does anyone else experience this and have any suggestion on how to solve it? Did you run FNIS after installing it?

There is an additional checkmark that you'll have to check besides what's on the STEP directions. It's the last one on the list:. Posted 19 April - AM. I have this too. I mainly play in first person so I never noticed this. The only time I go into third person is while on a horse. Looks like an animation issue and could be that it just needs to be updated by the author. I really want to use AGO but judging from comments across the web it may not be advisable to uninstall mid game which means you'll be stuck with the broken animations, if it doesn't get fixed.

I have no reliable sources confirming this but better safe than sorry. I had the bug in a new save with no race menu alterations whatsoever, but I haven't tried with vanilla Skyrim yet. I don't have any other animations installed so mine are vanilla as a base and the bug is there. I see no reason not to uninstall it mid-game unless it's due to the scripts.

The animations wouldn't matter. Just re-run FNIS and all should be well on that front. The scripts could be cleaned via a script cleaner. I've used Save Game Script Cleaner with success many times. In fact, it's required to install my house mod, Jaggarsfeld Extended, in order for the fixes to work. Posted 19 April - PM. Community Forum Software by IP. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

Started By dreadfloppApr 18 PM. Please log in to reply. Overhauls archery.The Archery skill is raised by and governs the use of bows and crossbows. Archery benefits from The Thief Stone Though it appears under the warrior stone on the skill tree simply because it is the last thief stone affected skill on the warrior side, such as enchanting is on the mage side.

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Users of the skill, such as archers and huntersare trained in the use of bows and arrows. The greater the skill, the more deadly the shot. Archery provides low health and lightly armored characters the means to engage foes from a safe distance and allows repeated sneak attacks.

A bow is a flexible, bent or curved ranged weapon, strung taut from end to end with a string. Arrows are nocked into the string and then drawn. The string is then released, propelling the arrow forward. The weight of the bow dictates the effort required to pull the string back, or "draw.

The longer the amount of time taken to fully draw a bow, the more damage a shot will do, and the faster and farther an arrow will travel.

archery gameplay overhaul first person bug

While a bow is drawn, movement is reduced significantly. Bows can be found in stores all over Skyrim. Most stores that sell them are dedicated to selling ranged weapons, mostly carrying both bows and arrows as well as certain light armor a character may use.

Many different creatures carry variants of bows, including the draugr found in most dungeons and caves in Skyrim. Some banditswhich can be found in places ranging from camps to keeps, also carry bows and arrows. Bows, like swords, get stronger depending on what they are made of. A crossbow consists of a bow mounted horizontally onto a mechanical stock.

The bow string is pulled back onto a catch which holds the string taut. A bolt is then loaded into a groove in front of the catch.

archery gameplay overhaul first person bug

When a lever located at the bottom of the stock is pulled, the catch is released and the bow string pushes the bolt forward. Crossbows are slower to reload than most bows are to redraw, but they shoot projectiles at a higher velocity than most bows. They still however have the same reduction of speed while reloading. Crossbows make a noticeable sound when fired and nearby enemies may become aware of the source, but are still useful for stealth attacks due to their high damage. The slightly lower rate of fire when compared to standard bows is less important when a character is able to kill their target on the first hit.

Crossbows are generally more expensive than their bow counterparts. The arc range varies between each type of bow and crossbow. Bows always fire in an upwards arc, propelling the arrow slightly upwards.

Archery (Skyrim)

A bow with a high firing velocity will have a long arc range. When fired from a high velocity bow, the arrow will continue traveling in an upwards arc for a longer period of time, and will eventually start to drop and arc slightly downwards.

After this, the arrow will eventually come to a point in which it drops steeply and its horizontal speed decelerates immensely. If in the air for a long enough period of time, the arrow will have lost all horizontal velocity and fall completely.

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